Friendship Fridays, Volume III.

I seemed to have lost my voice for a while there. It’s been just over three years since I have been in remission, and I’m still kicking! Some days it feels like barely (good ol’ Tamoxifen fatigue), but overall I am bouncing back quite well.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to write, and I feel like I’ve got it in me again! Next week, I will be attending the Young Survival Coalition‘s Annual Summit for young women impacted by breast cancer. It’s going to be quite the trip meeting women who have also gone through this shitshow. I have a feeling I’ll be right in my element as we discuss the highs and the lows of everything we go through. There’s even going to be a 90’s dance party! Eeek! Can’t wait to tell you all about this three-day adventure!

In my next post, I’ll go into detail about what I’ve been dealing with since treatment has been over. But first, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge five women who have stayed by my side during this entire ordeal. As I get back into the swing of writing again, I thought it would be nice to show some love to these special ladies, who have put up with all of my ups and downs. They’ve stayed by my side through it all, and I am SO appreciative to have them in my life! Fun fact: I met all of them at work.

1. Kristin

Girl, you are a FORCE! You have the biggest heart and have been one of my closest confidantes for the past three years. You were there for me through SO much shit and I’m grateful that you’re one call away. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and holding my hand through some really difficult times. I miss our sushi dates, but our FaceTime dates will have to suffice for now! Love you so, so much and keep on crushing your goals! You’ve made many strides towards securing a happy future, and you inspire me to follow my dreams! Thank you for being my corner chick.

2. Maria

I never thought that my short stint at Target would lead me towards my bestie. You have been my best friend for fifteen years this year. FIFTEEN! Can you believe we’ve made it this long?! I love you and am incredibly grateful for our friendship. You never hold back and I never have to second-guess ANYTHING when it comes to you. You’re my anchor and my partner-in-crime. I love our long talks about everything. And I get to see your pretty face tonight! Thank you for being there for me, boo.

3. Michelle

I miss you like crazy! Jajaja! I miss climbing over short walls with you, our Postino dates, and being able to turn around in my cubicle and seeing you. You have always been the person I could confide in on a deep level without judgment. You are an amazing mother, and I admire your strength more than you know. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. You deserve all of the happiness and more and I love you more than you know!

4. Renee

What an amazing journey we both have had! I have watched you smash your goals pregnant, backward, and in heels and yet you make it all look simple. I’ve always loved your non-judgmental attitude, your positivity, and your intelligence. The room comes alive whenever you walk in it! I hate the fact that we live miles apart, but it makes me value the time we do get to spend with one another. You are also amazing at lifting up my spirits when the lows kick in. I don’t get to say it enough, but I love you and value our friendship immensely! Looking forward to celebrating many more wins with you!

5. Sadie

“Oh Sadie, don’t ‘cha know I Love you, sweet Sadie!” Where do I even begin?! You’re the big sister I didn’t have. You always have my back and are the first person I reach out to when I need support. You’re selfless with a heart of gold and I love to watch you sprinkle your magic as you help everyone around you. It’s SO nice to be able to drive down the street to your house. I will always cherish our vault conversations, how we’re there for each other through tough times, and our Saturday nights. You inspire the hell out of me, and I love you for always being there when I need you.

Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to sharing more things with you all now that my life has calmed down. And of course, if you haven’t yet this month, please check your girls!

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