Empowerhaus with Emily Hopper | Episode 010


World, what’s good?! In this episode, I interview Emily Hopper, founder and CEO of Empowerhaus, a women’s breast cancer empowerment apparel company. Listen in as we discuss how Emily channeled the pain of a cancer diagnosis into helping others cope with smart, uplifting shirts, mugs, and bags. All while forgoing reconstruction, which has led her to represent women affectionately known as “flatties.” 

This episode is PACKED with resources, as well as a special discount for listeners of The CanSurvivor Podcast! Use code ‘CANSURVIVOR‘ at the checkout to receive a 15% discount! By supporting Empowerhaus, you are supporting a cancer survivor directly. It’s a win-win for all!  

Not only do we discuss Empowerhaus, but we also go into detail about how our diagnoses have changed us mentally and emotionally. As a new first-time mother, wife, and Entrepreneur, Emily has had to maintain a very steady balance. I was so touched by her vulnerability, spirit, and optimism during our chat.

Another powerful takeaway from our interview is about intuition. Her journey has been filled with intuitive nudges that have led her on a painful, yet beautiful path. She does not mince words, and fully embraces exactly who she is. We could all learn a thing or two from her! 



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Emily Hopper’s Instagram

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