Episode 016 | Balance After Cancer with Lisa Vento Nielsen

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode features Lisa Vento Nielsen, an Entrepreneur, Educator, and Executive known not only as Super Mom but the Founder of Balance After Cancer (formerly Career After Cancer). Lisa is a writer, speaker, career expert and cancer survivor.

Listen in as we talk about how cancer rocked our worlds after diagnosis. As we discuss how our perspectives have shifted since having breast cancer, we dive into how Lisa was able to turn her pain into purpose. Using her skills, she has started an organization that helps survivors manage their careers. With the treatment, appointments, and surgeries it is easy to feel disillusioned when trying to bounce back and step into a better career path.

Not only is she a ‘Triple E,’ she moms HARD. So hard, in fact, she has written a children’s book to help children understand a diagnosis called I’m Strong, You’re Strong, Everyone’s Strong: What We Learned When Mama Got Breast Cancer.    

This episode is packed with resources so you may want to have a notepad handy while listening! In addition to everything she does, she also rocks one breast like a boss. Just call her “Lisa with the one boob!” Her perspective is both funny and refreshing as she is not only a breast cancer survivor, she is also a 9/11 survivor. With quotes like, “I’m a fucking Amazon!” Lisa was an absolute joy to interview! Laugh with us as you step into our post-cancer worlds while finding out how you can support her organization.

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