Episode 022 | Perfect

Universe, what’s good?! Venus is in retrograde, and I’ve made it back from New York City. Hear all about the trip in this episode, as well as word from our new sponsor, Pink-Perfect! Listen for a very special offer.

Ladies and gents, you have options with reconstructive surgery! Please share this episode with anyone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, as new technology is available with less scarring AND pain. 

Through the month of October, Novartis will be donating $15 per Instagram post using the hashtag #KissThis4MBC. Each donation will fund METAvivor as well as Metastatic Breast Cancer Network

In this episode, catch a BIG announcement about the podcast! It’s time to expand. Tune in for more details.

If you are in need of self-care, this episode is for you, especially if the side effects from treatment are lingering. Tamoxifen can impact muscular health. Tune in as I take you through my personal management regimen.

Know of any upcoming events listeners should know about? Email me: TheCanSurvivor@gmail.com

I’d love to hear from you! Sound off about anything you’d like to talk about. If you’d like to work with me, you can visit the website or find me on Instagram @TheCanSurvivor.

Follow Yolanda on Instagram @ThisExceptionalJourney  and tune into her introductory episode right now. There’s a new podcast in town, and we will be discussing it in next week’s special episode. 

Upcoming Events

1) Young Cancer Support Group – 10/04/2018

Perrysburg Cancer Center – Mercy Health

12623 Eckel Junction Rd.

Perrysburg, OH 43551

Located in the Pontious room 

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Production Credits

Joseph Coutcher – Production

Travis Moore – Vocals

Glass City Sound – Equipment 


Music Credits

“Feeling Good” by LAKEY Inspired – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZC18e7EaqI

Kelsey’s Weekly Playlist – Spotify Link

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