Episode 020 | Cancer Through the Years with Sarah Fisher Hartley

Universe, what’s good?! We’ve made it to episode two-zero. In this episode, I interview Sarah Fisher Hartley, a 30+ year breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed at 29 like me, Sarah has quite the perspective as she was pregnant at the time she received the devastating news.  If you are in need of hope, this episode is for… Read More

Episode 019 | Craziest Week of My Life

Universe, what’s good?! Thank you for tuning into episode 019. This will be a quick one, as life has gotten rather chaotic as of late. Catch me on the “Your Day” program on WTOL with Ben Hoffman this Tuesday, September 4th. We will be discussing the upcoming support group which will be occurring on September 6th… Read More

Episode 018 | Beautiful Inside and Out with Maggie Cappelletti

Universe, what’s good?! Today, there was no segue as I conducted a live interview with the wonderful Ms. Maggie Cappelletti. Maggie is an international beauty expert, with over 10 years of experience. In addition to creating aesthetic beauty, Maggie is also a life coach certified in meditation. In this episode, we will discuss Maggie’s journey into unleashing… Read More

Episode 017 | The CatSurvivor: Don’t Stress Meowt!

Universe, what’s good?! Unfortunately, I am not, as I’m coming down with what could possibly be crashing fatigue. For that reason, today’s episode isn’t going to be very breast cancer-related. Instead, I’ll give you guys a glimpse into my real life, which is pretty spicy. It’s been a very stressful past week with having a garage… Read More

Episode 016 | Balance After Cancer with Lisa Vento Nielsen

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode features Lisa Vento Nielsen, an Entrepreneur, Educator, and Executive known not only as Super Mom but the Founder of Balance After Cancer (formerly Career After Cancer). Lisa is a writer, speaker, career expert and cancer survivor. Listen in as we talk about how cancer rocked our worlds after diagnosis. As we discuss how… Read More

Episode 015 | Giving You the Best That I Got

Universe, what’s good?! Thank you for sticking with me as this podcast evolves! It’s a great thing that I released this later than my normal Sunday because I have information about a Young Survivor Support Group in the NW Ohio, SE Michigan area! Tune in to hear what’s new. Special thanks to the American Cancer Society,… Read More

Episode 014 | WILDFIRE Magazine with April Johnson Stearns

Universe, what’s good?! Welcome to week 14 of the podcast. Today, you are in for a treat, as I interview April Johnson Stearns, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of WILDFIRE Magazine. With the tagline “Build a Life You Love After Diagnosis,” WILDFIRE Magazine chronicles all facets of breast cancer from patients all over the world. The current issue,… Read More

Real Love | Episode 013

Universe, what’s good?! We are less than 500 downloads away from hitting 1,000 downloads! Please continue to spread the word on this podcast, and share away. Since venturing out of a corporate position, I’ve found real love in my career. Joe Coutcher joins me today in discussing the details of the revamped CanSurvivor website. It took… Read More

Changes I’ve Been Going Through | Episode 003

World: What’s good?! This episode, I talk about the ins and outs of breast cancer and go a bit more in-depth about the overall experience with treatment. In addition, I discuss the physical and mental aspects survivorship brings and offer words of encouragement for you to keep on going. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!   BRCA Strong inspired a listener to… Read More

BRCA Strong with Tracy Milgram-Posner | Episode 002

  Thank you for listening to the second episode of The CanSurvivor Podcast with Kelsey Smith! In this episode, I chat with Tracy Milgram-Posner, the founder of BRCAStrong.org. We discuss her journey, which started at the tender age of 18. Tracy is an outstanding example of turning lemons into limoncello, as she helps previvors and… Read More