“What if your pain is taking away the pain of someone else in the world?”
           – Susan Miller

Kelsey Smith is the Founder of Pretty Resilient, a podcast showcasing entrepreneurs, leaders, and advocates who are developing trauma-related business ventures. She is on a mission to help others take back their power, make an impact, and gain exposure. As an abuse and stage-two cancer survivor, Kelsey has turned her pain into purpose. She believes resilience is the key to perseverance and is driven to share the power of empathy, kindness, and understanding.

Kelsey chronicles experiences on Pretty Resilient to give hope and inspiration while sparking change. She serves as a support group facilitator, patient advocate, and brand ambassador. She is a Peer Supporter for Sharsheret, Peer to Peer Support Group Leader for METAvivor, and a Co-Facilitator for the Young Cancer Support group at The Victory Center. Kelsey believes resilience is the key to perseverance. With her candid and vivacious personality, Kelsey believes that amplifying individuals and companies in the complex trauma community will both fuel advancement and help others persevere through challenges and adversity.