Kelsey Smith

“What if your pain is taking away the pain of someone else in the world?”
           – Susan Miller

Kelsey Smith is the Founder and Host of The CanSurvivor Network, supporting individuals in growing through challenges such as illness, trauma, or adversity. As a young abuse and stage-two cancer survivor who grew up in a single-parent home, Kelsey is no stranger to hardship. Undergoing decades of cognitive therapy, she worked hard to move across the country, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree while working full-time.

By 29, Kelsey had a blossoming career, solid friendships, and a handle on her mental health. She thought she was on her way to living a happy, fulfilling life. While in Phoenix, she climbed up the corporate ladder, working side jobs and obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree. Eight days after landing her dream job, the powers that be had another plan: Kelsey was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer on November 11, 2014. With no family history, no family doctor, and no family nearby, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and 20 weeks of chemotherapy. Her support system was intact, yet Kelsey fell into post-traumatic stress, which had a negative impact on all aspects of her life.

Since diagnosis, Kelsey has lost much: Her breasts, health, family, independence, youth, best friends, and career. Cancer has been a soul-crushing experience for her, but has impacted her life positively as well. Working with Clinical Psychologists and Master Coaches Christine Hassler and Katie Lynn, Kelsey has been given a renewed sense of purpose. She aims to help individuals see the beauty in the breakdown with empathy, kindness, and understanding.

Each week, Kelsey discusses the impact of breast cancer on The CanSurvivor Network by Kelsey Smith through one story and one guest at a time. With her candid and vivacious personality, Kelsey believes that the exposure of this disease will open the doors to advancement within the breast cancer community while helping individuals persevere through the many challenges they face.