Collateral Damage with Tina Conrad | Episode 036

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is “DJ Breast Cancer,” Tina Conrad! A fellow podcaster, Tina delves into her motivation for starting a breast cancer podcast. A stage three survivor, Tina was acquainted with the beast through her mother’s diagnosis. While they did not test positive for the BRCA mutation, they have both become advocates for… Read More

Microblading with Lauren Alexis | Episode 035

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is licensed cosmetologist Lauren Alexis of LaureniLash. As a member of my “glam squad,” she recently micro-bladed my eyebrows. You can check out the results on YouTube! Lauren discusses her journey toward becoming a cosmetologist, which began in high school. Lauren has a passion for art, which translates well in brow… Read More

Dating After a Mastectomy with Kristen Carbone | Episode 034

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is Kristen Carbone of Brilliantly, an organization dedicated to post-mastectomy care. Thanks to everyone who made the Fearless in Fuchsia Luncheon in Toledo a success! It was such an honor to represent Salvatore Capelli and Sofi Stella as a survivor model. When the numbers come in, we will let you… Read More

The Power of Support with Chris Thompson | Episode 033

Universe, what’s good?! Welcome to episode 033! We are finally back, and boy, do we have a few announcements! The podcast is now on YouTube, so please subscribe there as well! Special thanks to Joe and Dilla’s Delights for making a girl feel special. Elsie, you’re amazing! It has been a magical birthday. I was recently featured… Read More

Managing Scanxiety | Episode 032

Universe, what’s good?! Welcome to the first episode 0f 2019! What do you think about the potential name change? Please sound off in the comments! 🙂  The podcast is now on YouTube, so please subscribe there as well! In this solo episode, I talk about a recent cancer scare that occurred last month. Knowing the… Read More

The Art of Getting Your Shit Together | Episode 026

At age 29, Kelsey had a blossoming career, solid friendships, and a handle on her mental health. She thought she was on her way to living a happy, fulfilling life. While in Phoenix, she climbed up the corporate ladder, working side jobs and obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree. Eight days after landing her… Read More

Financial Navigation with Aimee Hoch | Episode 031

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is Aimee Hoch, MSW of Grand View Health located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania! Aimee is an Oncology Financial Navigator who has been serving in social work for over 14 years. As a non-survivor, she is working each day with patients as they attempt to determine their most affordable and feasible treatment options. Naturally,… Read More with Kaitlin Christine | Episode 030

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is Kaitlin Christine of, a wellness and advocacy organization. Kaitlin discusses her experience as a Previvor turned Survivor, as well as her motivation behind starting HerStory. You may want to have tissues handy, because Kaitlin bravely discusses her experience as her mother’s caretaker as her mother battled Metastatic Breast… Read More

Four Years After the Diagnosis: A Reflection | Episode 028/029

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode took two attempts to record, as I just hit my fourth Cancerversary. Why did I fail the first time? Well, you’ll have to check out the footage! While I hoped to release this episode on 11/11, I re-recorded on 11/18. Thank you for your patience and understanding listener, as November… Read More

The Power of Burlesque with Marki de Sade | Episode 027

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is the beautiful Marki de Sade, a Burlesque Queen and breast cancer survivor. Located in the Columbus, Ohio area, Marki has been using burlesque as a form of expression while flipping illness on its head. Marki shares her story, which has been nothing short of extraordinary. After receiving a BRCA2… Read More