Male Breast Cancer with Ron Rapaport | Episode 053

    Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode features Ron Rapaport, a male breast cancer survivor. Yes, breast cancer impacts men! Accounting for one percent of total diagnoses, men are often diagnosed at later stages with poor prognoses. In addition, men often feel out of place in the sea of pink. Ron is on a mission… Read More

Shingles & Stereotypes | Episode 052

    Universe, what’s good?! Kendra is with us for her second episode, this time with a case of Shingles. Shingles seems to be a fairly common occurrence amongst Rockstars and Superstars and in this episode we discuss our experiences with it.  Regardless of stage, after the worst of treatment is over, many of us… Read More

The Co-Star of the Story with Kendra McCleary | Episode 051

Universe, what’s good?! We are back after a nice hiatus to update our studio. There are plenty of updates with The CanSurvivor Network, so please stay tuned.  If you have been wondering how to monetize your podcast, check out the link to our free eBook here. We talk about partnerships in this episode, and if… Read More

Kelsey’s Interview on The Intersection of Cancer & Life | Episode 049

Universe, what’s good?! For tonight’s episode, I’ll be airing my appearance on episode 24 of The Intersection of Cancer and Life, which was a roundtable episode with Emily Garnett, Kelsey Bucci, Tina Conrad, Leanna House, Mimi Hall, Lindsay DeLong, and myself! — For the Season 2 finale, we wanted to switch the conversation up a… Read More